First blog post

As this is my first blog entry, I’ll begin with my purpose for writing this blog.  I plan to begin by cataloguing my travels through my study abroad this quarter in Pune, but this is not my main purpose in writing this blog.  So far my study abroad experience has provoked me to observe and analyze more of my surroundings as it is such a different experience and routine than I am used to.  I hope to share some of these thoughts and others through the course of my writing.  It’s mostly about self-discovery and reflection, which I know sounds pretty cliché, but I feel that forcing myself to reflect on my experiences will certainly be enlightening and having a record of my thought process through these experiences can be helpful in the future.  As it pertains to the reader, I hope my experiences also give you insight as well as cause you to reflect, agree, or disagree on what topics I bring to the discussion so that I may also learn from you and gain more perspectives.  Okay, now onto my first impressions of Pune…


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